Bob Hall Pier in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was built by a slave for the Florida slave trade

The former home of a former slave and a gambling resort are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The former was the Fort Lauderdale Pier in 1948, when the South Florida city hosted the annual Fort Lauderdale and Fort Lauderdale International Exposition, and the former is a resort that opened in 2005.

The Fort Lauderdale Pavilion was built in 1926 by an Italian immigrant named Luigi G. Mina, who later worked in the tobacco industry.

He was a wealthy Italian who owned a yacht, the Golden Gate, and owned two restaurants, one of which was the Golden Lady, which was one of the oldest restaurants in the world.

It was one time, and one of its patrons, a black man, was the first black president of the United States.

He had a daughter who died of a tuberculosis disease and another who was in a wheelchair.

Mina bought the resort, which had its own casino, and leased it out to a group of Italian-American owners, including his brother, Luigi.

The owners rented the property out for the gambling industry for many years.

The casino became known as the Golden Nugget.

The casino eventually closed in 2000.

It is now part of the World Heritage Site in Fort Myers, Florida.

The original owners were former slaves and former slaves who were working as slaves.

They sold the resort to the Italian owners in 2004, and a group is currently seeking to re-open the casino.

They want to bring back gambling and entertainment for the people who live in Fort Laudera.

Minali died in 2013 and his heirs have purchased the resort.

They are trying to reopen the casino and have a casino in the new resort, as well.

They don’t want to close the resort permanently, but they want to reopen it in the right way.

The owners want to reopen the resort and have the casino in a new, renovated building.

It has been vacant since 2009.

The Fort Lauderdale City Council voted unanimously to approve the reopening of the resort in 2015.

It has been very difficult to bring the resort back, but the owners are working on it.

They have been very involved in getting the owners of the Golden House and Golden Lady to make some changes, and some of those changes are in place.

We’ve got a lot of work to do with the owners, and we hope that the owners will be able to make the necessary changes.

They will have to pay for a lot more than just the cost of renovating the building, however.

There is also a lot that has to be done to make sure the property is safe for the community.

There have been concerns about the safety of the residents.

We’re going to do everything we can to make that safe.

We’ve got to make changes in the area to make it safe for everyone to come back to this place.

They have some other things they need to do, but it’s going to be safe for people to come and play.

I don’t think the resort is going to close forever.

We don’t know when it will reopen.

I don’t feel bad that they have to go back to the old casino.

I feel bad for those people that have been living here for so long and are so proud to have a place like this.

It’s not something I’m going to let happen.

It wasn’t for my family or my family members.

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