Prince Hall Mason and Daughter, Amber Hall, are in court on gun charges

A Prince Hall mason was arrested Wednesday and charged with domestic violence for allegedly punching his wife in the face, according to court documents.

Amber Hall is the daughter of Prince Hall and the wife of his son.

Hall was taken to the Cumberland County Jail and held on $1,000 bond on a charge of aggravated assault.

The charges stem from a Sept. 10 incident at their Cumberland, Va., home, according the Virginia State Police.

Police were called to the house after Amber told her husband that she had been beaten and that she wanted to leave the house, according documents.

Hall allegedly told police he had been drinking, and that he wanted to go home and “tell the story” of his life to his wife, the documents state.

He allegedly told his wife that she could not leave without him, but he did not listen to her.

The incident came after Amber’s mother told police that Hall had threatened to kill her and had threatened her son.

Hall’s father told WTVR that he was surprised at his son’s arrest.

He said that Hall was “the kind of kid that would fight and be a little rough with his kids.”

Hall’s wife, who was not identified, told police her husband had threatened the mother and her son and that Amber had told him to leave her alone, the papers state.

Amber Hall is now the mother of two young children, one of whom was born with Down syndrome, according court documents state, and is currently in a foster home.