How to Get Rid of ‘White Supremacist’ ‘Bikers For Trump’ from Boston City Hall

A Boston City Council member has a message for the anti-Trump protestors: Get over it.

As Boston City hall is currently hosting a rally to celebrate President Donald Trump’s inauguration, some of the “bikers for trump” have gathered outside the building.

The group of around 30 people have been dressed in black and wearing masks, hats, and face paint to make a political statement, according to NBC station WCVB.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said that the group “disrespected” the president and was “totally disrespectful to the office that I hold.”

“The message that they’re sending is that if you want to get involved in politics and you want that kind of political participation, then I think you should leave,” Walsh told WCVB on Monday.

“That’s just a message that we can take care of.

And I hope that it’s not a problem.

It’s not my problem.”

The protest has been taking place for over a week, with Walsh saying that it has drawn hundreds of protesters.

“There are no words for it, and it is a really sad, sad day,” Walsh said.

“There is no question that we are in a very dangerous moment, a very divisive time in the country.

But that’s not the message that the city of Boston has been trying to send, and I want to emphasize that.”

Walsh also said that he is working with police to try to resolve the issue peacefully.

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