When Will the Republican Party Get It Together?

The Republican Party has spent years defending its candidate for president, Donald Trump.

The party’s base has grown increasingly disenchanted with the party and its establishment, and now it faces a choice between a Trump presidency and a Hillary Clinton presidency. 

With the Democratic Party and its surrogates already in disarray, it appears the Republican nominee will have to find a way to win over the party’s blue collar base to win the White House.

On the surface, it may not seem like a challenge.

Republicans are the largest party in the United States, with about 47 million members. 

In recent weeks, Republicans have been forced to confront their own electoral failure. 

The Republican Party, which has been dominated by white males for decades, has seen its turnout rates dip from 80 percent to 69 percent in recent elections.

It has also lost seats in both the House and the Senate in recent years, and the party is also struggling to win governorships across the country.

The GOP is the only major party in America that has not been able to capture control of the White house in the past 50 years.

So far, Republicans are looking to the midterm elections for a way forward.

They have been trying to build an alternative to Trump’s candidacy.

The strategy includes a new wave of outside groups such as the NRCC and American Crossroads, and a host of policy initiatives such as infrastructure spending, tax reform and immigration reform. 

But they are also facing an uphill climb.

The Trump candidacy has caused deep resentment in the Republican base, and it has led to a backlash from a new cohort of Republicans who are disillusioned with the establishment.

In the midterm election, the party faced a similar dilemma.

They could not simply take Trump’s nomination and win the election, but they would also have to choose between the party of Lincoln and the candidate of Mussolini. 

Trump’s victory is not inevitable, but the Republican party faces an uphill battle in winning back the Whitehouse in November. 

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