Why does Arianna Grande’s parents seem to hate Arianna and her mom?

Arianna’s parents, who own the Grammy-winning music group, The Flaming Lips, have yet to make public statements about their daughter’s sudden departure from the family.

But that hasn’t stopped the family from coming to the defense of their daughter.

In a series of tweets on Friday, Arianna revealed that she had recently begun having second thoughts about leaving the Flaming, as she said, in the midst of her new relationship with rapper and father-of-three Ty Dolla $ign.

The Flaming lips have publicly defended Arianna since the star announced she was splitting from her parents in September.

Arianna has said that she and her mother were never close, but the family has maintained that they were close.

The family has been a staunch supporter of Arianna on social media, with fans posting memes that they say represent their daughter as a person.

The memes have also been a source of support for Arianna.

On Friday, the lips shared their take on the singer’s announcement, telling her to stay true to herself, as well as that Arianna “can’t be a bad person.”

“Don’t change.

You’re the best person you know.

It’s your life and you have to live it and live with it,” Arianna wrote in a tweet to her mom.

“You have to accept that, and be who you are.”

Aria’s mother, Ashley Hall, has been outspoken about the singer and the relationship she’s had with Ty Dollas since Arianna announced her departure from her family in September, claiming that Ty Dolls had already made her a star in the music world and that she has had a “perfect life.”

Arianna, who has not responded to a request for comment, has also appeared to share a similar stance on the relationship with her parents.

In a series in August, Ariana wrote that her mother had been a “devastating” person for her and her dad, saying that she “didn’t have the life I wanted.”

She also wrote that she felt “betrayed” by Ty Dollaz for his treatment of her, but said that he was “very, very sweet and caring.”

In the August tweet, Arianny wrote that Ty was “not just a good father, he was also my mom.”