When Your Heart Stops, Your Head Starts: A Guide to the Latest on Hall of Fame Candidates

“When you think about Hall of Famer, you think Hall of Famers,” said Joe Hall, who played with Hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon in Chicago and also played with former Bears quarterback Warren Williams.

“They have a special place in your heart.”

Hall, now 77, spent seven years with Hall in the NFL and has been a Hall of Referee since 2002.

He has been the referee for the NFL since 1996, the last year of the current Hall of famers, including Hall of Champions Willie Sutton and Vince Lombardi.

Hall has officiated NFL games since 1997.

Hall was inducted into the Hall of Honor in 2013, and has officiate all 20 Hall of Presidents, Presidents of the Pro Football Hall of Families and the Pro Bowl since 1998.

“Hall of Fame Football Hall” was created by Hall of Honour and the National Football Foundation in 1985 and was named in honor of Hall of the American Football Players Association.

The committee that selected Hall was also known as the Hall and Pro Football Families Committee.

The list of inductees has grown from nine to 19 and includes Hall of Legend Willie Sutton, Hall of Champs Vince Lombard and Hall of Pro Footballers Steve McNair, Mike Ditka and Dan Marino.

Hall is the first inductee since Pete Rozelle, a former Hall of Super Bowl MVP, retired in 2006.

“There’s nothing better than the Hall,” said Hall, a Hall-of-Fame football star from Chicago.

“It means everything to me.”

Hall is one of six finalists for the 2018 Pro Football Writers Association of America (PAWA) Hall of Football Fame Award.

The other three are former NFL players Steve Young, Mike Webster and Gary Peters.

Hall of Legends: A Conversation with Hall Of Famers, by David Eubanks, is published by Simon & Schuster on April 24.

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