Why I’m topless on Google’s topless photo service

Halle Berry topless in a Google photo for Google’s new topless photos service, a Google spokesperson said today.

The company launched a preview of the new service to preview the photos and videos in March.

The preview was based on a prototype that was shown off at Google I/O last year.

The product is currently only available in the US and Canada, with an Australian release planned for the first quarter of next year.

Google also announced today that it is partnering with US beauty company MAC Cosmetics for the topless service.

The new service will include three new to-dos, one for every woman age 18 to 60, that have been specifically designed to highlight the natural beautification benefits of toplessness.

These are based on Berry’s personal bests, with some of the highlights highlighted by her in the Google photo.

Google is also rolling out a free, mobile-optimised version of the app, called Google topless, for iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire.

It will be available for download in Australia from July 1.