Bills to allow outdoor dining in Halls Market

Bills to expand outdoor dining options in the halls market in Buffalo, New York, are set to pass the Assembly Tuesday.

The bill would allow diners to cook their own food, drink their own beer, use water from a tap, and eat with their hands.

The bill also allows diners and their guests to order drinks from an indoor bar.

The bills also would allow people to buy food and alcohol from restaurants, bar and club seating and live music venues.

House Bill 467 would allow the sale of wine and liquor from outdoor seating in Halls market and the bars, restaurants and live entertainment venues.

The Bills would also allow for the sale and use of hot dogs, hamburgers, hot dogs with cheese, and a range of other items.

The Assembly passed the bill by a vote of 35-11, with Assemblyman John Wisniewski of East Buffalo, a Democrat, voting no.

Wisniewki said he supports outdoor dining and he supports the Bills to let the public enjoy outdoor dining.

The governor vetoed the bills last month.

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