Bryce Hall and Hallie Bailey get divorced: ‘He’s gone and she’s not coming back’

Halle Bailey, Bryce Hall’s mother, says the young singer is “not a part of our lives” and has left the family home and never returned.

Hallie, a former US gymnast, was last seen with her family on February 24.

Her father, Ryan Bailey, confirmed the news to US publication PEOPLE.

Hallies brother, Brett, tweeted: “She’s not here.

He’s gone.”

The announcement comes as the 27-year-old released her third studio album “Mama” on Tuesday.

Hall said in a statement that she has no plans to record a new album and plans to focus on her new film, which she says will premiere in October.

“I am currently working on a film, I am focused on that and I will be able to share some more news on that as well,” she said.

“However, we want to make sure that we give you all as much as we can about the journey we are on.”

The news comes as Hall is preparing for her latest tour.

The star has sold out five shows in six days.