Vondie Cervantes winery to open in Holland – News Journal

Vondieros Cervante winery has been granted the go ahead to open its doors in the Netherlands.

The wine company has received the approval from the Dutch Minister for Economic Development and Tourism, Anne Aalst, to start producing in Holland, the news agency AFP reports.

Dutch officials are currently in Holland to finalise the deal and confirm the start of the new operations, which will be located on the outskirts of Amsterdam, according to AFP. 

Vondiero Cervantes, a Dutch-made winery with a history dating back to 1794, said it would be opening in 2020. 

The company is already working on a project in the French province of Lille. 

“The French government is really enthusiastic about this and we are really excited to be able to open a new winery in this area,” Vondiesto Cevanti, the winery’s founder, told the AFP news agency.

“We are not yet ready to open the wineries yet but we will be able in the coming months,” he added.

The winery is located on a 2.4 hectare site, which is located near Vondiera in Vondieu, a municipality in the north of the Netherlands, and the municipality of Luitpold in the south.

The company said the site had been cleared to allow the installation of a new wind turbine and a new building.

Vondiestos Cevantes was founded in 2003 by the owners of the nearby winery Gaudí, who wanted to create a winery which would produce a range of wines and spirits, according the company. 

According to the company, Vondiers winery will offer a variety of wines, from Pinot Noir to Champagne. 

In addition, the company has developed a line of spirits, which it plans to release in 2019.

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