Lani Hall: ‘My life is better because I’m not in a relationship with a man anymore’

LaniHall has spoken about the “bitter” divorce she and her husband were under after she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

She was diagnosed in July with stage three breast cancer, and says she’s now able to work out her plans for the future, but admits that her husband is still a big part of her life.

She told the BBC: “I’m going to be going on holidays with my husband and we’ll have to move on from it, but I am in a better position because I don’t have a partner, and that’s what I really love.”

She also revealed how the cancer has affected her friendships with her friends.

She said: “When I’m out, I can’t be out because I know that my friends are going to find out, and they will be hurt by what I do.”

My friends are my best friends, and I’ve known them for 20 years, so I’ve been a good friend of theirs for 20-odd years, and now I’m going through this.””

So, I don.

I think that I can live with that.

“The couple’s relationship has been strained since she first started chemotherapy in March.

HannaHall said she had to start a long, drawn-out legal battle with the NHS to get her insurance covered.

The cancer survivor has been told by her doctor that it’s “highly unlikely” she will live another 10 years after the diagnosis.”

She said she feels she is “not being taken seriously” as a cancer survivor, but says she is determined to live.””

I don’t want to be dead, I want to live.”

She said she feels she is “not being taken seriously” as a cancer survivor, but says she is determined to live.

“What we’ve been through together has given us a strong connection and we’re able to talk to each other and we can understand each other,” she added.

“We can still go out to celebrate a birthday, we can still get a job together, and we’ve also been able to do that with a lot of help from people like you.”

“I’m not going to die young.

I’m sure that my cancer will come back eventually, and then I can come back to work.”

Hanna Hall told the ABC she feels like her cancer will eventually return