How to create an app with the Power BI API

By David K. LeePublished March 14, 2018 5:16:13Power BI provides a powerful tool for businesses to help customers with their data.

Today, we’re excited to release Power BI Pro, a free service for developers that makes it easy to use and integrate the Power and BI APIs in a single app.

Power BI pro enables you to build a fully integrated BI experience across your organization.

This service will allow you to focus on delivering the right solutions, while making sure that the BI data you collect and manage lives in the right place, with the right tools.

The Power BI SDK is available as an app for free.

You can find it at the Google Play Store and on the Microsoft Store for PC and Mac.

The service is available in the Google Analytics SDK.

Power users will also be able to create and share BI data in the Microsoft Analytics SDK for iOS and Android, with more SDK integrations coming soon.

Power BI Pro will also make it easy for you to integrate Power BI with BI Data Hub, a BI-based data management solution that will make it easier to get data from BI to Power BI.

In addition, the new Power BI data management and reporting platform will make integrating BI data with Power BI easier, and it will allow BI users to add BI data from their BI Data Center to the Power data center in real time.

We’ve also made the following improvements to the BI SDK for Power BI:You can also get a better understanding of your customers by reviewing their BI data by adding the BI API to your Power BI dashboard.

You’ll see a summary of your BI data and a visualization of the data that’s been imported to your BI Data Store.

We’ve also improved the dashboard for BI users by adding an easy-to-use analytics API for Power users.

We hope you’ll find Power BI PRO a valuable addition to your business, and we look forward to sharing more about Power BI in the coming weeks.

The BI API is available to developers and customers alike.

To learn more about the Power, BI, and Analytics APIs, visit

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