When a music hall’s owner has to cancel a concert due to a lack of funds

Arlington, Texas – A music hall owner in Arlington has cancelled an upcoming concert due the city’s severe weather.

Gstanley Hall has confirmed to FOX4 News that the venue has canceled two events this week due to the threat of severe weather, but says they’re trying to make up for the shortfalls through the support of community events.

The venue said that in addition to a band playing, the band has been booked to perform at the High Tail Hall.

The band, whose name means “a tail of the cat,” is a folk rock band from the town of Arlington.

It’s scheduled to play at the high tail on Monday and Tuesday.

Granley said it will still be playing music for free, but the band will not be able to sell tickets.

“We’re trying our best to support the local community, the artists, and the musicians.

But we will not have any capacity to sell our tickets,” Granley Hall’s vice president of marketing, Stephanie Miller, said.

Miller said the venue does not want to cancel the concert because the weather is too bad to continue.

“When the weather gets bad, we need to take a look at what the community needs to do and get those resources together,” Miller said.

Gansley Hall is the largest music venue in Arlington.

The venue hosts concerts and events at its campus on the second floor.

Miller also said the city is working to increase the number of concerts that can take place.

“The city is aware of the threat to the community from the storm and is doing what we can to provide additional concert venues for our community,” she said.

The city said it is working with Granley to ensure there is enough space for the concerts, but said it may be months before additional venues are built.

Greensboro, North CarolinaThe Greensboro-North Carolina Police Department announced that they are closing down their entire North Carolina law enforcement agency.

The Greensboro Police Department said they are “reopening our law enforcement operations to allow for the continued safe management and protection of all individuals, and businesses.”

The police department closed its entire force Tuesday morning and said they will reopen the force next week.

The Greensborough Police Department has about 1,000 officers.

The force was forced to close Tuesday due to low staffing.

Greensboro Mayor Jennifer Hunt said she was saddened by the announcement.

“I think we all should be shocked, especially when you look at the amount of violence and crime in our community, and I’m saddened for the officers, who have their lives at stake, I think they should be really grateful to have those officers back,” Hunt said.

The city said there will be no changes to law enforcement officers who work at the Greensboro police station.

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