Which UK politician should be quizzed on her comments on ‘white genocide’

A senior Labour MP has been forced to apologise after her comments to a group of young white men in London were branded racist.

A number of senior Labour MPs have come under fire for saying that they were not offended by the comments made by Ms Hall and others.

Ms Hall, the Shadow Culture Secretary, said that a young man in a T-shirt with the word “White genocide” was a “troublemaker” who had “crossed a line”.

The comment was made by Mr Hall on Friday at a Labour Party event in north London.

It has been branded a “joke” by some, and even a “mistake”.

“You’re not a racist and you don’t have a problem with white genocide,” Ms Hall told the group of 20-30 young men.

“If you’re not offended then I don’t understand why you would say that.

You should be offended.

If you’re offended, you don�t have a clue about what you’re talking about.”

The comments came amid mounting pressure on the Labour Party to tackle racism in its leadership election.

A spokesman for the party said: “The comments made are offensive, unhelpful and have no place in a modern democracy.

They are a reminder that there is more work to be done in our party to ensure that we tackle issues of inequality, social injustice and discrimination.”

‘Racist jokes’ in Labour Party The comments sparked outrage and condemnation.

The Conservative Party tweeted that the Labour MP “should be ashamed of herself” and urged her to resign.

One Labour MP said: I don�ts even know what to say, it is disgusting what she said.

Ms Hill said the comments had not been racist, but were “rude and sexist”.

She said: You shouldn�t think that if you cross a line, it�s a problem.

What we have to look at is why it was taken as a punchline.

“The Labour Party is a place where people who are passionate about social justice and equality, can have these sorts of things to say.”

The Labour Party said it was working with the police and other relevant authorities to deal with the issue.

The party said it had also been working with a group called Stop the White Genocide and other organisations to promote diversity and tolerance.

It said it “is committed to tackling any forms of racism and hate speech”.

Ms Hall said she was not aware of any reports of the comment being made against Ms Hall.

“I have not spoken to anyone about it, and I would be shocked if it had come up in any conversation with her,” she said in a statement.

Ms Hall has been accused of using racist language in the past.

In October, the Conservative Party launched a campaign to get her to take a “full apology”.

The party’s national executive, which represents MPs and peers, said: �This is a personal attack on a young, caring MP who is not a member of the Labour party.

It would be irresponsible to hold this individual responsible for her comments.

“Her actions are an affront to all of us who believe in equality and diversity and have stood up to those who use racist language to demean our fellow citizens.

The Labour party has a long record of tackling racism and we will continue to do so.”

A spokesman for Mr Hall said: The comments were not taken as racist.

The comment about the young man was taken out of context and not intended to suggest that anyone else had the same feelings as he did.

There are several reasons why a young person could cross a border, but not be a racist.

Some people who want to do this have been shown that the Border Agency can and will tell them to stop, and it is their right to do that.

They can’t tell people that they can’t cross and they can�t tell them that they have to.

We need to stand up for those people who wish to cross the border, regardless of nationality, as long as they are not crossing illegally.

A Labour Party spokesman said: We are working with all our local authorities to tackle any forms the Party sees as racist and discriminatory.

I am proud to have been a member and an ally of the Liberal Democrats in the last Parliament, and to have campaigned on equality and for social justice in our country.

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