How to use your Google Voice number to get in to a new movie theater

How to get into a new theater in Canada.

A user on Google Voice said he was at the movies with his wife when he found himself waiting in line to see a movie.

He says his wife is a movie lover and when he saw a movie at a nearby theater he thought he would like it.

He asked a couple of movie ticket holders if they had tickets and the guy said he did.

He then walked up to the theater door, walked around and asked if they wanted to buy tickets.

“I said, ‘Sure’ and I said, `Can I have your name?

I’ll take your name and your phone number.'”

He says he then called his wife to say they were in.

The man was surprised to see the movie was a comedy called “Happiest Place on Earth” and he didn’t know what to expect.

When the man walked up, he found out the movie had tickets to three of the four movies in the lobby.

He was excited about seeing his wife and their kids.

But when he asked the guy about his wife’s phone number, the man was even more surprised and asked him what it was.

He said he couldn’t remember.

“She told me it was my wife and I could see her in the movie, and that’s when I realized I was stuck,” he said.