How did Rebecca Hall and her mother become high school stars?

Rebecca Hall was a star at high school.

She was a member of the cheerleading team, and she played sports.

But she also had an interest in computers, computer science and the Internet.

Her high school senior year, she decided to apply for a college scholarship.

But Hall’s family was skeptical, and her parents tried to dissuade her from attending.

When Hall graduated from high school, she said, she realized that she was destined for more than a scholarship.

“My mother and father were so excited,” Hall said.

“I just couldn’t pass them up.”

She enrolled in a program at the University of Georgia, but after a few months, her parents began to question her commitment to the program.

“I don’t think she wanted to be a computer science major.

She really wanted to get an education,” Hall’s mother, Jennifer Hall, told ABC News.

Jennifer Hall said that her daughter’s decision to enroll in computer science was one that was driven by her desire to have a job.

“The decision was made to keep her at home and make sure that she didn’t leave home without a job,” Hall recalled.

“So the decision to take her to Georgia Tech was also based on that.”

Jennifer Hall was initially hesitant to enroll her daughter in computer engineering because she worried that she might not be able to work with her daughter on projects.

But Jennifer Hall said she soon became convinced that her granddaughter was ready for a career in computer programming.

“It was a really exciting time,” Jennifer Hall recalled of the time she and her daughter attended a computer programming class with her.

“She was so eager to learn and to be challenged, and it just was so exciting.

She just seemed to want to be there and she was willing to learn,” Jennifer, a teacher in her mid-20s, said.

Jennifer and Jennifer Hall both believe that their daughter’s dedication to computer programming has allowed her to become a successful programmer and computer programmer.

“We’re excited for her because she’s been so dedicated to it,” Jennifer said.

“In the beginning, she was like, ‘I’m going to study computer science,’ but now she’s become more ambitious,” Jennifer added.

“You see her as a great person,” Jennifer continued.

“She’s always looking out for others.

She’s always giving back.”

In the first few months after her freshman year at Georgia Tech, Rebecca Hall started receiving computer science education.

Her mother says that Rebecca Hall’s interest in computer technology is something that she will always be grateful for.

“To see a girl who is doing computer science, to see a young woman who is motivated to be able do something and be successful, it’s very, very rewarding,” Jennifer told

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