How to make your own cough drops for kids

The cough drops that kids and adults are sharing are made with a patented manufacturing process, but a new patent filing by Hall and company shows the process could be used to create a wide range of other products, including cough drops.

Hall’s patent describes how to create an industrial strength formulation of a “combustible aerosol”, or “eucalyptus” that contains “compounds” and “components”.

The patent, filed in February 2018, describes a “fractured aerosol composition” that is “composed of a crystalline mixture of a solid polymers comprising one or more aerosol particles”, and further describes a process that “adds an aerosol layer containing a crystallized layer of a liquid polymeric mixture”.

The formula is also described as being “sophisticated” and described as “capable of being easily mixed and dispersed”.

Hall has previously described his process as “easy and convenient”, and said that “there’s no complicated ingredient list, and it’s not difficult to find and use”.

The process of making cough drops was previously described in an article by Forbes, which noted that the “molecules and particles” in cough drops are “frequently manufactured by the pharma industry”.

Hall said that the company would seek to develop a patent to describe a more flexible and customizable process, and that he would also develop an “industry standard” for making cough-drop-like materials.

Hall said he was excited about the potential of the process, because “there are no existing pharmaceutical grade products in the market”.

“Our hope is that the patent will allow for a broad range of products to be made with the same process, from the common household product to the very high end of the market, from a pharmaceutical grade to an aerosols or cough drops product,” he said.

“Our goal is to bring our patented process to a wide variety of products.”

Cough drops have been an extremely popular childhood remedy, but their use is becoming more limited in the developed world, with many people turning to herbal or nutritional remedies, and cough drops containing a variety of ingredients.

Hall’s patent suggests a variety more flexible than traditional cough drops: it suggests a process where the particles are “slightly expanded”, meaning they expand when you shake them, and a process of “sucking the aerosol into the liquid”, rather than just the solid polymeric layer, as is currently the case.

Hall and his company have not disclosed how much money they are seeking to make.