What to expect when you sign up for Halleen Kia’s new online insurance plan – CBC News

A new online plan from Canadian insurance giant Halleens Kia aims to offer lower-cost, lower-premium plans for consumers across the country.

The plan is a follow-up to the $40 million Kia Insure online platform launched earlier this year, and is aimed at helping consumers buy insurance more cheaply.

The Halleenes Kia plan is similar to what the company launched in the U.S. in 2016, but it offers a number of benefits.

The new plan has more affordable premiums, the company says.

For one, it offers free access to an insurance broker to help customers shop for insurance plans.

It also has a wide selection of pre-approved plans from insurers including Molina, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna and Humana.

The company says consumers will be able to access the insurance broker as well as its portal that allows them to buy policies from individual insurers and corporate insurers.

Consumers will be offered a comprehensive package of benefits that includes health, dental and vision coverage, as well, Hallees Kia says.

Consumers can also pay as little as $200 a month, which is less than what the Kiainsurance website currently offers.

Consumers also can choose to have an Halleenos Kia Insurance agent, which will help manage the policies for them.

“Halleen’s plan offers a broad range of coverage that includes dental coverage, vision coverage and preventive care,” said Halleeens Kias general manager, John Fonseca.

“Consumers will be getting all of that at a much lower cost.”

Halleena Kia will launch a new online policy on Thursday that will cover up to five people, starting in 2021.

It will also offer coverage to up to 20 people for the first time.

The program is still under construction, and will be rolled out to other parts of Canada, the U, and Mexico in 2019.

The first batch of Halleene Kia policies will be launched in 2018, and the company is still trying to find insurance brokers who are willing to accept its new online platform.

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