The Biggest Mistakes That Led To The Rise of the Kardashians

The Bigger, Badder, and Ripeest Family of Kardashians is here to tell you the biggest, badder, most beautiful mistakes that led to their meteoric rise to fame.

It’s the tale of a man who was a big-time gambler, a man obsessed with women, a father who could make a woman cry and a mother who had to raise a son who is still trying to find his way.

The truth is, these are all just some of the things that led the Kardashian clan to where they are today.

And for anyone who hasn’t seen the hit show, here’s the quick rundown of the big-picture stories in this series, which also includes:The biggest, craziest, and most dangerous drug dealers of all timeIn an interview with The Wrap, former President Jimmy Carter talks about his life before becoming a politician.

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