What to know about the new town hall in Regina

A town hall is one of the many ways that citizens in Saskatchewan can voice their opinions and concerns to the government.

In a rural community, a town hall might be a chance for people to meet with their representatives and ask them questions about the issues that matter to them.

But in urban settings, town halls can have a much bigger impact, especially if they are hosted by an elected official.

That’s where the Regina City Council is hosting a town halls event tonight.

The council is holding the event on Thursday, and the council is hosting more town halls on Thursday and Friday.

Regina has hosted at least three town halls in the past few months, and it is expected to host another in December.

The Regina City Councillors’ Association is organizing the event.

This is a new way to take part in the town hall process, said Adam Stelzer, the association’s executive director.

This town hall will be a bit different than the ones that we’ve had in the previous year, he said.

“We’ll have more people, a greater number of people participating.

We’ve had one town hall, but we’re hoping to have two.

This will be the first of three.”

A city councilor’s office will host the town halls, with more than 30 people on the first two days of the event and more than 100 people on Saturday and Sunday.

This time around, the city councilors will be moderating the discussion.

They will ask questions and listen to residents.

The city council is hoping that by hosting the town meetings, it can get people engaged in a more substantive way.

It’s a good way to encourage people to come out and participate, Steller said.

A town halls is a process where people are able to ask questions, have their views discussed, and participate in the process of making decisions.

“That’s where you can start the conversation,” he said, adding that this process can be very productive.

Stelner said the event will be open to all citizens, whether they live in Regina or not.

“Theres no cap on the number of town halls,” he explained.

“Everyone can participate, whether you live in the community or not.”

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