New York City’s wedding hall: ‘It’s a beautiful place’

A couple has taken to their blog to complain that New York’s wedding halls are too “vacant.”

They’re so vacant, they’re turning the town into a ghost town.

The blog, titled Wedding Hall, is hosted by an unnamed couple who live in Brooklyn, NY.

They’ve been married for about a year, and they’ve had to move because of the town’s high cost of living.

The couple has written about their experience with the city’s wedding and reception halls, which they claim are “unjustly overpriced, overcrowded, and not designed to provide a welcoming environment.”

They’ve been to some wedding halls in New York, including the famed Westin Hotel and the Chateau Marmont in New Jersey.

But in the wake of Trump’s election, the wedding halls have become a source of contention.

“I have been told that the Westin, the Château Marm, and the Old State are all being torn down,” the post reads.

“That would be the case if it werent for the fact that the city has no shortage of people to cater to the needs of weddings.”

They also complain that the wedding rooms at the old Waldorf Astoria Hotel are becoming “boring” and “a place for people to get lost.”

“It feels like it has become a place to get stuck at the end of a dark tunnel,” the husband writes.

“People are afraid to venture out of the hotel because they’re afraid that it will be overrun.”

In response, the blog has launched a fundraising campaign for a new wedding hall.

They have also launched a GoFundMe page, asking for $25,000 to make the facility “fit for purpose.”

They are asking for the following amounts: $100,000 for renovation of the old Westin/ChateauMarmont hall.

$30,000 per wedding hall to make it “more welcoming.”

$30 for an all-new wedding hall in the New York area.$25, 000 for the renovation of all wedding halls around the country.

The husband says they plan to raise the money in the next few weeks, before moving forward with the fundraiser.

Development Is Supported By

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